Imagine you could freeze Time...

Inspired by the idea of recording time, we designed a unique mobile app for iPhones and Android devices which makes it possible for all participants to take a picture simultaniously determined by the app‘s integrated self-timer and shutter release. In total, there are sixty Worldseconds for the users to take part in.  Thanks to this app, and thanks to thousands of participants around the globe, we were able to create universally shared mosaics of pictures taken all around the world. In the very same moment. 

AGENCY: demodern     CLIENT: Montblanc     ROLE: Art Direction & Design


The Results

In less than two months, the campaign has created a 57% increase of Montblanc Facebook fans, a 67% increase in Twitter followers, and the campaign video being by far Montblanc‘s most successful video, making up over 30% of the total channel views...



All Images are courtesy of their respective owners.

Creative Direction: Kristian Kerkhoff, Art direction & Design: Pascal Krexa & Daniel Schroermeyer, Design: Alba de Zanet, UX & Concept: Philip Müller, Motion Design: Thomas Junk, Code: Florian Wögerer, Christian Potthast